Monday, February 10, 2020

Cybersecurity Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Cybersecurity - Coursework Example There is the further consideration that while many businesses actively have security measures in place for traditional crimes, the relative ignorance of cyber-crimes has created a more lax environment. Indeed, a recent report by Verizon indicated that close to 90% of cyber-attacks in the last year could have been avoided if the businesses had taken proper preventative precautions. The punishment for committing cybercrime is already significant. In this way one considers that illegally accessing a network can result in between 5 months to 5 years of imprisonment ("Real cost of," 2011). In other instances it seems that cybercrime is not taken as seriously as traditional crime. One considers that Jeffrey Lee Parson created an Internet virus that caused significant damage to countless. However, Parson’s punishment was extremely lenient; in this way he received a sentence that was less than many people receive for a marijuana offense (Mccullagh, 2011). Of course, punishment for cyb ercrime is relative to the specific offense and legal environment. Still, it seems that there may be a degree of leniency involved. Ultimately, it’s clear that the American legal system must increasingly take into account the impact the cybercrime, rather than the fact that it occurs behind a computer desk, when assigning legal punishment. 2. There are a number of ways that compliance would have prevented the attack against Adagia Telecom. The United States government has established a number of compliance measures aimed at preventing or reducing cyber-attacks ("Cybersecurity assurance program," 2012). In this way, Adagia Telecom had relatively lax cybersecurity measures in place. One prominent area that Adagia did not have in place was proper control over automated telecommunications processes. While this factor is generally a major element in oil and gas, and manufacturing industries, it’s clear that it is equally important for Adagia Telecom; the lack of adequate co mpliance in this region greatly contributed to the organization’s cyber vulnerability, as malware was able to infect these automated systems (Heiman 2012). One of the greatest challenges with private industry is an unwillingness to disclose cyber-attacks, as it could impact business strategy. It is important that Adagia have reported the attack to law enforcement. In this way one considers that there must be a culture of disclosure that is established which can act as a deterrent against future criminals. Of course there is always the challenge of locating necessary evidence in such cyber cases, as oftentimes the perpetrators are able to erase the traces of their entrance into the network. 3. There are a number of difficulties policy makers face at the United States national level to get policy that directly targets cybercrime. Similar to much policy implementation, the primary challenge is divergent perspectives between the major political parties. Indeed, the Republican and Democratic parties have already established conflicting approaches to cybersecurity in their current Presidential platforms. Corrin (2012) indicates that there are significant differences in perspective, as the Republicans criticize the Democrats for overly relying on defense capabilities in their approach to cyber security efforts. Another major challenge related to cyber-security is the nation’

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